About us

Into the Blooms is the creation of Gill Campbell, an artisan florist and flower grower with an enormous passion for the environment. She believes in growing and arranging the traditional way.

What we do

We specialise in growing beautiful seasonal flowers with character, charm and the most wonderful perfume.

We believe in full circle growing from the seed to the compost. Everything we grow has a purpose; a new seeds grow into magnificent blooms, and those that we don’t use end their journey by feeding the soil for next year’s flowers.

“We grow beautiful flowers all year round and start harvesting from early spring until the first frost, when the dahlias check out with the late autumn sun. ”

We have an abundance of passion for flower growing and are mindful of the impact we have. Our aim is to create the faintest of footprints as we go.

Our flowers are local, saving thousands of travel miles, and available from April to October. During these months we offer bouquets and bouquet subscriptions (delivered within a 10 mile radius of East Grafton), farewell flowers, flowers for weddings and events and buckets of flowers for florists, home flower arranging and DIY weddings

Our approach

For us everything starts with the compost. We adopt a no-dig approach to all our flower plots, leaving the soil’s biome and microscopic eco-system intact. This is the key to abundant crops and amazing blooms. We take huge care at each step to ensure the plants are the best they can be.

“We believe in minimal impact on the environment and planet”

We let nature do what it does best and give seeds the best opportunity to become beautiful blooms. Once we have collected the seeds for next year’s crop our plants serve their final duty by becoming amazing compost for next year.

Why Choose Us

British Flowers

We grow our flowers right here in East Grafton, Wiltshire. They are soulful and have a beautiful scent, we can’t wait to share them with you.

Picked to Order

Our flowers will be picked with you in mind, placed straight into water and will arrive to you in water, so they are at their freshest.

We Deliver

Bouquets are delivered at no additional charge locally (within 10 miles) and further for weddings and events.